Reclaim your Sovereignty



Reclaim your Sovereignty


"I am truly grateful  for the gift of the roses, there are not really any words that can truly express that gratitude.

For me the DNA Key has been more a remembering of my own strength and wisdom, they hold my inner wisdom and I now have them activated and assisting me even when I am not aware of it." 


Meet the DNA Key Weavers



Fear to Sovereignty 

Connect to your primal strength and unwavering self as we take this guided journey to experience the Field of Red within the Sovereign Path DNA Key

Rachael Te Wano

Rachael is a Soul healer, womb shaman & mentor she is the founder of The Sovereign Path DNA KEY. 

Rachael speaks at events and runs retreats at sacred sites around the world, she works with a global clientele in private session, both online and in person; guiding people to their point of Power and Grace. 

It is her truth that everything lays within your sacred heart and it is her role to hold a sacred space offering simple embodied practices and expansive etheric workings so YOU may unlock your true potential within a society that is constructed to remove your power.

Rachael traveled extensively in her twenties following the whispers of her heart ,trusting and learning the processes of life and the human consciousness.  As a child Rachael danced between worlds, seeing and feeling through the veils, guided in the etheric chambers with the Masters and Sophia. 

She has found a way to balance the etheric expansion with the grounded human experience. 

When she is not sitting in sacred circle Rachael resides on acreage in the south west of Western Australia with her husband and 2 boys where she is hearing the call to return to the soil, her roots and hold the highest template for humanity at this time of great change.