Your Service to The World That Goes Beyond You 


It's not just another Course or Modality....



It's where well-resourced women, grounded in their uniqueness and spirituality,


come to flourish. 


In the whirlwind of life's demands, you've felt a deep stirring for something more meaningful. You're not alone in this quest for a life that's not just about the daily hustle but about real, soul-deep fulfillment.As you witness your peers and mentors making impactful contributions, a voice within whispers, "What if I could do that too?"


Dear Wayshower, know this - your yearning to serve and uplift is a gift in itself. The path to harnessing this gift lies in empowering yourself with the right knowledge and strategy.


The Sovereign Path DNA Key Weavers Training is not just a course; it's an awakening.


A personal journey of exponential spiritual growth, cellular upgrade and DNA activation. Then if you choose from a place of pure energetic overflow all the support you need to share with your community in a way that is uniquely yours.


Imagine a space where your intuition, love for energetics, and deep personal values converge to create something transformative.
This training is your gateway to not only understanding your inner world but also to mastering the art of living soulfully and impactfully.


It's tailored for game changers like you - women ready to make a mark, guided by their profound inner wisdom.


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🕸 Refine and develop your intuitive knowing


🕸 Develop a deeper knowing within yourself and your capacity to create your reality


🕸 Overflow energetically to not only nourish your being but your broader community


🕸 Cultivate a grounded trust within yourself & within the DNA Key Frequency


🕸 Become equipped with all the tools and skills required to exit the rat race and earn money doing what you love 


🕸 Gain exponential personal spiritual growth 


🕸 Build a virtual business unlimited by geographical location or government restrictions 


🕸 Take these teachings and make them uniquely yours 


As you evolve into the next version of you through this training, you will start to dissolve old beliefs and past paradigms about what’s possible for you.

You will first witness, and then experience, how living in full spiritual alignment can create a reality you never perceived as available to you.

As life becomes slower, more easeful and more present, it also becomes more plentiful and nourishing in every area. 


This is GRACE


Hear from fully fledged 2022 Weavers

Enjoy this edited 9 minute conversation between Weavers Renaye & Jacqueline about the training, their clients, family and experience fully living the DNA Key in their daily lives. So much gold!

Full length conversation here

Throughout the DNA Key Weaver Training you will receive:  

⟣ Full attunements and in depth knowledge of the DNA Key

⟣ 11 weekly training sessions over Zoom including; 

⟢ Trauma Awareness Training

⟢ Creating Sacred Space

⟣ Unified Field

⟣ Working With Darkness

🕸 Weekly practice sessions 

⟣ Q&A sessions

⟢ Spotlight Coaching 

⟣ Building a Conscious Business Overview

🕸 The Book of Wisdom

⟣Worksheets & additional learning materials

⟣ Social media posts and story templates 

⟢ Nurture email templates 

⟣ Facebook Page tutorial

🕸 Conscious Business Alchemy

(Approx. 70 contact & study hours are required for completion of this training)




⟢ Special priced private sessions with Rachael to support you as you move through the training


🕸 Complimentary access to the Golden Rose Mystery School for the duration of the training


⟣ A fully built and functioning sales page


⟣ An app for easy pre work listening and access


⟣ DNA Key Emanation training (The new way)


⟣ Introduction and entry to Weaver Alumni after graduation


We support you every step of the way even after graduation. Together we rise.

Plus Bonus Ceremonies & Initiations to support You as a Practitioner including: 
⟣ Releasing Victim Consciousness
⟣ Ending The Walk of The Wounded Healer 
⟣ Atlantis & Lemurian Trauma Healing 
⟣ Embodiment Teachings 
⟣ Coded Soundtracks To Accompany Sessions 
⟣⟣ PLUS ⟢⟢
⟣ Discounted "Aspects of Sophia" Coded Chalice Bowl 
⟣ "Aspects of Sophia coded Chalice Bowl affiliate link
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Your Web of Support


W O M A N ▽ D I V I N E R 

Mentor to the rising wayshowers across the planet, Rachael empowers people to Stand in their unique expression, unlock their sOul gifts and walk the path they were born to walk.

The DNA Key is another level in her service.

"This is a weaving of our sOul gifts, a layering of our unique sparks, a true co creation. It is time to break the mold, lift the ceiling and become the vision we hold in our hearts, The DNA Key is a gift that you get to make uniquely yours."

I feel blessed to walk with you on this pioneer passage.

You not only receive my support but the full love and guidance from my gifted team. Renaye with her deep personal knowledge of the DNA Key, calm nature and thoughtful heart will support us on this passage. Always bringing a welcomed new perception into the space for us all to benefit. This certification would not bee possible without Renaye.

Wendy with her grounded wise woman energy supporting us through trauma awareness and years of teaching. It is together we hold you in your fullness to receive all this journey has to offer you.

Renaye Stokes

Renaye is a long term client of Rachael’s and is devoted to a path of growth, connection, freedom and empowerment.  Renaye has a background in print production, photography, videography and business management.  While Rachael birthed the Sovereign Path – DNA Key, Renaye is an extraordinarily committed Aunty, intent on tending to the details that will ensure that this Pioneer Frequency gets to where it is needed.  Renaye will be doing all that she can to ensure that this training runs smoothly and Weavers hit the ground running!

Wendy Watters

Wendy is an initiated woman whose roots sink deep down into the pulsing caverns of the great mother. 
She is a multi-faceted coach, leader, teacher and healer. 

Wendy only teachers work she has deeply journeyed herself with embodied integrity and vast lived experience. 
She specialises in sacred space holding, emotional connection and wild.village community. 

Life Coach NLP3 Generative Practitioner
HeartTouch Practitioner (trauma informed)
mBIT (multi brain intelligences) Certified Coach

We Welcome You with Expanded Hearts

Payment options and Pricing will be shared in the DNA Key Weavers Prospectus. If this opportunity calls your sOul please click the button to download or contact me to book in a discovery call.
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Full length conversation

Enjoy this full length candid conversation between 2022 Weavers Renaye & Jacqueline about the training, their clients, family and experience fully living the DNA Key in their daily lives.  So much gold!